Concepts of Change

Concepts of Change facilitates behaviour change by ‘helping people to help themselves’.

We have a unique approach to behaviour change which focuses on voluntary behaviour change – encouraging people to change independently of the ‘top-down’ mechanisms of supply and demand management. It uses the approach of ‘helping people to help themselves’; listening, then working with people to bring about their own ideas for change.

Our facilitation techniques are also built on listening.

In addition, we specialise in design of rigorous surveys that give statically significant results. These are also ideal for before and after measurement of behaviour change.

Why use Concepts of Change?

Behaviour Change helping people to help themselves

3 types of behaviour change

  • We have a unique approach – Concepts of Change focuses on the person, not the problem;
  • Change happens – for example programs using the Concepts of Change approach have reduced water use by 19-21% compared to the control group and reduced car use by 18% when the control group increased by 6%;
  • Significant track record of high quality work on all projects over many years with a consistent approach;
  • The Concepts of Change team – particularly Liz Ampt – presents at conferences internationally on voluntary behaviour change, survey methods, and project results;
  • Our strategic focus is sustainable change in areas such as:
    • Water and energy usage;
    • Car Travel and Road Safety;
    • Recycling and Waste Minimisation;
    • Health and Physical Activity;
  • We design rigorous, statistically significant surveys for all purposes including measurement of change;
  • Research based, practical models and tools are the key to success with our approach.